Wednesday, December 9, 2009

you know how i told you i would post a quote every day... well i forget a lot so i am just gonna post some every once and a while. ANYWAY today was sooooo boring! i am up at 8:12 and i just finished homework! lol! 5 PEOPLE FOLLOWED MY BLOG! YEA! GO PEOPLE WHO FOLLOWED MY BLOG! ANYWAY, (sry i get distracted) ANYWAY!!!!.... i am so exited bc i am doing volleyball with one of my bffs named gabrielle. she rules! and i was just reading my friend emmalee's blog and she said she hated december but she loved it bc of christmas! SHE TOTALLY HAS A POINT. I mean seriouslly..... you shouldn't even have christmas in December bc christmas isn't until the end of the month. you should just have it in january. LOL THIS POST IS WEIRD. BYE.

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