Sunday, November 29, 2009

new christmas kit!

there is now a new e-boutique christmas kit! GO FOR IT!


so i have been talking about i am gonna get info on girlsense for ya'll. now, there is a website called girlsense forum. it has been a little quiet latley bc, school has started! UGG! anyway, on the forum the only thing i really do is send notes. you can chat with friendly people and not friendly people. I DON'T CHAT. keep that in mind. i only chat with people in know in person! so if you want to be safe, tell all your friends to join girlsense forum. but get a girlsense account first. that makes it more fun.  HAVE FUN ON THE FORUM!


hi everybody. some of my friends don't think my blog is wonderful and they think i should make a post about girlsense. omg my brother is talking about notre dame football. LOL. anyway, EVERYBODY JOIN WWW.GIRLSENSE.COM/PREMIUM!!!! that is all i am gonna say bc i don't feel like typing bc i have a cold and it is 8:44 am. LOL I NEED TO GO BACK TO BED!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


i am not a big fan of miley, but this seemed fun!

1. she was born on November 23, 1992 in Nashville, Tennessee
2. she has 5 syblings
3. her dad called her miley bc she always smiled when she was a little kid.
4. she got her first role in 2003 on her dad's TV show
5. she moved to LA in 2006
6. she started her TV show in 2006 when she moved to LA
7. she started to work on the hannah montana moie in 2007 (it took a LONG time!)
8. she loves to make youtube videos with her BFF mandy
9. she got sued and had to pay 4 billion dollars for innapropriate pictures and posted them on the internet! (oh my!)
10. she will stop her show after the 3rd season
information from
hope you liked it!

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i will be putting more info on stars later. hmmmm who should i do next?

information on jonas brothers

i decided to make a post that is useful! here are some facts on the jonas brothers!
1. Kevin's real name is Paul
2. Joe's middle name is Adam
3. Nick's middle name is Jerry
4. they have 4 albums
5. they have sold over 8 million copies of the latest album worldwide
6. they were called disney emo heartthrobs by the rolling stone magazine
7. they toured w/ Jesse McCartney
8. Nick has diabetes (you know that)
9. Frankie was born in 2000 so he is 9 now. they call him bonus jonas
10.nick took roles in plays as a child
some of the info from wikipedia and
hope you liked it and learned something new about the greatest boy singers EVER!

welcome everybody!


if you are one of my friends, WELCOME! i am soooo happy right now! anyway......... i am really bored i am going to put up the christmas on November 28. crazy right?
hi everybody! this is my first blog ever! the first posts won't be so good, bc i am getting used to this kind of stuff. myfriend sad once u play around with it, you get the hang of it!


i enjoy cats! here is a pic.


i am TACO. TACO is always capitalized bc they RULE! i got my hair cut today. it is quite short now. it is the 28. so HAPPY LATE THANKSGIVING!